Selection Skills of PVC Insulated Copper Wire

PVC insulated copper wire is an electrical cable made of copper wires covered with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation.This wire is also known as “BV wire”, “B” means that the category is wire cloth, and “V” means that the insulation is polyvinyl chloride. The copper wires inside the cable conduct electricity, while the PVC insulation serves to protect the wires from damage and to prevent electrical leakage.It is suitable for cables and wires used in AC voltage 450/750V and below for power devices, household electrical appliances, instruments and telecommunication equipment.

PVC Insulated Copper Wire

Why pvc insulated copper wire uses pvc as insulation material?

PVC is a common insulation material because it is durable, flexible, and resistant to moisture, chemicals, and heat. It is also a good insulator, meaning it can effectively prevent the flow of electrical current from the copper wires to other objects or the environment.

Where can pvc insulated copper wire be used?

It is a common type of electrical cable that is used in a wide range of applications. Some of the common applications of PVC insulated copper wire include:

Building wiring:

It is widely used for electrical wiring in homes, offices, and commercial buildings. It is used for lighting, power distribution, and various other electrical applications.

Automotive and marine wiring:

Used for wiring in automobiles, boats, and other marine applications. It is used for lighting, power distribution, and various other electrical applications.

Industrial wiring:

PVC insulated copper wire is used for wiring in industrial settings, such as factories and manufacturing plants. It is used for machinery, equipment, and other industrial applications.

Communication wiring:

this wire is used for communication wiring in telecommunication equipment, such as telephone systems, computer networks, and other communication systems.

Power transmission and distribution:

It is used for power transmission and distribution in the electrical grid. It is used for overhead power lines, underground power cables, and other high-voltage electrical applications.

PVC Insulated Wire

Selection skills of pvc insulated copper wire

1.Find a regular manufacturer

Products from regular manufacturers and merchants are preferred. The wires packaged in reels should have a certificate of conformity, and the wire body should be printed with the factory name or trademark, voltage, 3C logo, etc.

2.Choose the right size

PVC insulated copper wire uses copper as one of the conductor materials. When purchasing, you should first select the corresponding specification according to the load used. For example, lighting circuits usually use 1.5mm2 copper wires, and air conditioners, microwave ovens, ovens, etc. usually use 2.5mm2 copper wires. Insufficient ampacity of wires during use can cause a short circuit and cause a fire.

3.Check the conductor quality

Secondly, you should pay attention to the quality of the conductor when purchasing. Qualified copper core wires should use purple-red, shiny, and soft copper, while the copper cores of fake and inferior copper core wires are purple-black, yellowish or white, with many impurities. The mechanical strength is poor, the toughness is not good, and it will break with a little force, and if it is multi-strand copper wire, it often breaks and the service life is short.

4.Check conductor insulation

The sheath used for the wires is PVC insulated. Wire insulation that meets the standard should have a smooth appearance and clear printing on the surface. Observed from the end of the wire, the insulation should be uniform without eccentricity. The insulation layer of some fake and shoddy wires seems to be very thick, but most of them are actually made of recycled plastic. Over time, the insulation will age and cause electrical leakage.

5.Check wire weight

The weight of good-quality wires is generally within the specified range.

6.Price comparison

In terms of price, due to the low production cost of counterfeit and shoddy wires, when selling them, sellers often sell them at low prices under the guise of cheap and high-quality wires, and people are deceived.

The above is the relevant knowledge about PVC insulated copper wire introduced to you today. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of this kind of wire. When purchasing wire products, you must look for the brand and buy it in a regular store, so as to ensure that the wire products Only when the quality of the product reaches the standard can you feel more at ease when using it. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.