What are the reasons for the aging of control cables?

The popularity of wire and cable can be said to be very high now, and cables are indispensable in any industry. For example, the utilization rate of the frequency conversion cable is very frequent, but if the frequency conversion cable is used for a long time and the cable is not well maintained, it will lead to a safety failure of the cable, which is caused by the aging of the frequency conversion cable.

The concept of control cables

The control cable is a kind of cable for protecting the circuit. It generally uses a copper core or an aluminum core, and its diameter is usually 1 to 25 square millimeters. It has a specific structure and function, which is significantly different from power cables, signal cables and sensor cables. It is often used to transmit control signals, such as frequency converters, PLCs, instruments, etc., and has important safety and economic values. The main material of the control cable is polyvinyl chloride, because this material has good insulation properties and can ensure the safe operation of the cable. Control cables can also be classified according to factors such as the use environment, function, and characteristics. For example, in terms of environment, there are different types of control cables such as explosion-proof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion; in terms of functions, there are different types of control cables such as signal control cables, power control cables, and motor control cables; In terms of characteristics, there are Flame-retardant, fire-resistant, low-smoke and halogen-free, oil-resistant and other different types of control cables.

Features of control cables

1. As far as the entire DC resistance is concerned, it needs to be within a certain temperature range during the entire use process, and when selecting copper wires, it also needs to be within 0.4mm. The effect of the entire use will be better. The current market choice The high-quality control cables are very obvious in these characteristics, ensuring that we can know whether it is good or not when using it, and it also has some other value meanings.

2. From the perspective of the strength of the insulation electrical appliances of the product itself, there is no breakdown between the overall conductors, which guarantees that the overall advantages and value are very obvious when using it. Now many people themselves still want to know when they choose Is it very good? After everyone recognizes these basic advantages, they can make reasonable choices according to the venue and certain characteristics when choosing.

3. The wire core of the entire insulation resistance can be well grounded, so that the entire working capacitor is also better when used. If we can know the basic situation of the control cable, we can also know these when choosing to use it. The performance guarantees the advantages in the use process to a certain extent.

Causes of Control Cable Aging

1. There are still many specifications and sizes of control cables. It is necessary to determine the use requirements according to the natural conditions of their own needs, so as to truly select the appropriate frequency conversion cable and better exert the performance requirements of the cable. Therefore, if the specifications and models of the control cables are improperly selected, the use effect of the cables will also be affected and the aging rate of the cables will be accelerated.

2. Under long-term working conditions, due to the current, the cable cannot avoid heating during operation, and the temperature of the cable will rise. The continuous temperature rise will accelerate the aging of the cable insulation layer and cause damage to the insulation layer. Therefore, the high temperature of the cable is also one of the main reasons for the aging of the frequency conversion cable, especially in summer, the aging of the frequency conversion cable is particularly serious!

3. If the cable is laid directly in the pH value area, it will cause direct corrosion of the cable protective layer. If the cable protective layer is corroded by the compound for a long time, the cable protective layer will fail, resulting in cable failure.

4. The lack of steps in the connection process of the cable joint, the failure of the cable joint caused by carelessness during the construction process, such as loose joint socket, insufficient heating and other factors, will reduce the insulation performance of the cable joint, and then an accident will occur.

How to prevent and control cable aging in advance?

1. Add anti-aging agent to insulating material

Antiaging agents are a class of chemical substances that can greatly improve the thermal processing performance of insulating materials or prolong the service life of materials, including antioxidants, heat stabilizers, variable-valence metal ion inhibitors, etc.

2. Physical protection

Increased interlayer sunlight exposure and direct contact with the atmosphere on the outside of the insulation. Different protective measures can be taken, such as painting, gluing, covering plastic and so on.

3. Improve the processing technology

During production and processing, it is necessary to ensure the correct design and control of various materials.